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Koziol Values


A brush is a brush is a brush, but not if it’s from koziol; then it’s art. Not the kind of art that collects dust in a corner or stands around in a museum. koziol art is hands-on art that will always lend a helping hand. It will clean your veggies, serve up your salad and light up your home. Since the very beginning at koziol, we’ve designed things we like, things that make our lives easier and happier. Every single product is visible, palpable proof of the high art and dedication to detail that we put into everything we create – with a passion. This is true art. This is ART AT WORK.

Made in Germany

Since 1927, koziol has been inventing, creating and producing top-quality products with unique designs for the home and beyond, doing so responsibly and in harmony with humankind and the environment. Since 1927, koziol has been saving resources and energy while maintaining the ultimate quality and safety standards, all from its own factory in Erbach, nestled in the heart of Germany's Odenwald Mountains.

At koziol, even the cooling water comes from our own natural spring. From the initial idea to the packaged product, we are a one-stop manufacturing shop. Modeling, development, construction, mold-making, production, shipping, and marketing happen in house. That's our home, and it's one that is ecologically, economically and above all socially sustainable. An emotional home. A home away from home. Appreciated by people. By the environment.


The unique koziol designs are produced in cooperation between our own Werksdesign team and leading designers and universities across Europe. This symbiosis between brainstorming, high tech and craftsmanship has produced enduring legendary design icons such as the Aroma cup series jointly created by Matteo Thun and koziol, and the TASCHE bags from the star architect Alessandro Mendini. Many of these have garnered the most prestigious international design awards – now over 50 and counting!


The highest standards of sustainability are those that koziol sets itself. These explain why our product development, model-making, construction, mold making, marketing, production and logistics departments are all tightly integrated on the same premises. koziol products are made of thermoplastics that are 100% recyclable. We use exclusively non-toxic pigments and do not use BPA or any softening agents whatsoever. We package all of our goods in sophisticated cardboard boxes that display the Green Dot – Germany's symbol for ecological compatibility. We also comply in full with stringent German requirements concerning waste disposal and industrial safety. We recycle all of the plastic waste that we generate during manufacturing. When it comes to material management, it's all but impossible to demonstrate more environmental awareness than koziol.

Certified Quality

koziol received certification for quality management under DIN ISO 9001 over 10 years ago. Our stringent kaizen program and focus on corporate ecology make koziol a trailblazing force for the whole industry. Our entire manufacturing process can be seamlessly traced back to its sources. To date, koziol products have always received the top rating – excellent.

Social engagement

No man is an island in today's world. That's why we energetically support the communities and region where we live and work. For over 10 years, we have been funding a grant at the Odenwald Music Academy, enabling talented students to live and learn for a whole academic year. We're also active in the fields of art and arts sponsorship, and support club activities and projects in schools and kindergartens. The company's own Glückshort center in Michelstadt is open to children from 3 to 13, and offers supervision, lunch, help with schoolwork and arts and crafts courses at family friendly prices.